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Plug Talk Recap: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Tech Hustle Culture is a community based org making it easy for anyone to get into creative tech. The Plug Talk is our digital speaking series for community builders and creative professionals. This month we hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) style roundtable about DeFi… Decentralized Finance!

"Nothing can make you more money than YOUR money." Miguel Sanchez during the Plug Talk 2.22.22

2.22.22 was the perfect day to kick start a Plug Talk on the topic of decentralized finance. In case you were curious, decentralized finance (aka DeFi or open finance) is a financial technology that runs on smart contracts instead of relying on go-betweens, like banks or exchanges.

DeFi gets rid of the fees and approval processes that banks and other financial companies require for using their services, making it easier for anyone with an internet connection to transfer funds, earn interest and get a loan in as quick as 5 minutes.

Whereas traditional financial systems depend on banks, DeFi relies on coded smart contracts, allowing people to send funds, earn interest, and get loans from other users automatically and without the typical documentation required of traditional financial processes. Now this definitely piqued out interest... and our questions. Take a listen

as our Guest Panel breaks down what decentralized finance is into the simplest of terms and shares their experiences as DeFi investors!

*The following content is not financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only. We hope this is a launchpad for your research around Web 3 and broader creative tech topics!


Miguel Sanchez

Miguel is a Creative Technologist, Entrepreneur & Investor from the Bronx, NY helping help brands, agencies, and startups take advantage of technology and storytelling.

As CEO and founder of Mass Ideation, he works with brands like IHOP, Nickelodeon, the Bronx Zoo and Lexis Nexis to create immersive experiential marketing, animation, and alternative reality experiences.

Miguel also volunteers with organizations like MetaBronx, the Knowledge House and Bronxworks, helping minority and women-led startups in the Bronx raise over 4.5 million dollars in funding. He knows the power of technology and has devoted his time and energy to learning how to harness tech to create resources for his community.

In true creative technologist fashion, Miguel also dedicates his time to paying his knowledge about investing in cryptocurrency forward. We appreciate his laser focused business acumen and ability to break down complex topics into easy to understand soundbites. Check out his amazing YouTube channel and free crash course, "Financially Free with Cryptocurrency!"

Poor Marty

Digital creator and creative technologist Marty Poorbucks is the founder of POORSTUDIO , a community hub sharing valuable tools and insights about animation and editing to game dev and virtual streaming. He is full time animator at Interscope and VTuber, and is passionate about helping to bridge the gap between creators and the growing need for artists in tech.

Allister Dion

Allister Dion is the president of the Earn Your Leisure (EYL) University Crypto Club and an EYL University professor. He's also the founder of an emerging DAO, formerly Earners on Chain, that is dedicated to onboarding and educating investors in the opportunities for group investing on the blockchain.



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