We are on a mission to expose more people across the world to creative-technology, entrepreneurship, arts & culture through live networking activations & creative meetups. 

We're looking to build the future of technology leadership with more socially-conscious artists, engineers, educators, professionals & entrepreneurs!


How our love of Hip-Hop led us to start a creative-technology conference for people of all backgrounds

The idea for TECH HUSTLE CULTURE was started in 2016 by founders Cameron Flowers (left) & Kheperah Ray (right), two creative technologists and entrepreneurs from Chicago recognizing the lack of diversity-facing educational programming and professional development pipelines in the current technology industry. ​


Coming from non-traditional backgrounds in technology themselves, Cam and Kheperah were looking to take their learned academic, professional, and experiential knowledge of the industry and make it more accessible to their community worldwide.  


Being Hip-Hop artists and musicians, many of their conversations centered around ways to use music, art and culture to facilitate nuanced discussions about technology, entrepreneurship and social justice. Their initial plan was to host the first ever Hip-Hop Technology and Entrepreneurship conference where students, entrepreneurs, techies, artists, and other diverse creative folks could connect, learn, build, and empower themselves. It was initially called The Dev Jam as a homage to Hip-Hop history and a play on words on tech culture.  


In order to make their dream of bringing this alternative festival of Technology, Hustle, and Culture to life, Kheperah and Cam began to travel the country raising money and awareness by providing technology services/consultations, hosting classes and workshops in partnership with various organizations and building a network of other purpose-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative transforming the technology industry through their growing community movement and culture.  

From the Lab with Love <3 

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