TECH HUSTLE CULTURE was created in 2016 by Chicago and NY raised creative technologists and entrepreneurs who recognized the lack of diversity facing educational programming and professional development pipelines in the current technology industry. ​Coming from non-traditional backgrounds of technology as Hip Hop musicians, visual and performing artists, as well as cultural anthropologists, all of THC conversations are centered around ways to use music, art, science, and culture to facilitate nuanced discussions about technology, entrepreneurship, and social justice.


THC looks to take our learned academic, professional, and experiential knowledge of the tech industry to make it more accessible to our worldwide community. We have hosted the first ever Hip-Hop, Technology, and Entrepreneurship conferences where students, entrepreneurs, techies, artists, and other diverse creative folks could connect, learn, build, and empower themselves. Initially called The Dev Jam as a homage to Hip-Hop history and a play on words on tech culture, THC has now grown our programming into a community sustained media platform where we host more events, share knowledge, and heal together.  

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