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The digital plug for nuanced discussions on tech, entrepreneurship & culture.

Tech Hustle Culture is an extended global network of creative professionals, regularly holding space for nuanced discussions on tech, entrepreneurship & social justice. We're making it easy for anyone to become a creative technologist.  

THC got its start in 2018 hosting conferences for rising creative technologists out of the University of San Diego. Initially called The Dev Jam as a homage to Hip-Hop history and tech culture, THC has now grown our programming into a community sustained media platform where we offer digital and physical experiences and content for an expanded network of creative professionals across the world.

Our community has been fusing our collective knowledge of the tech industry with the arts (i.e Hip-Hop, visual and performing arts, etc.) and Black cultural anthropology to make otherwise out-of-touch content meaningful and exciting for folks looking for an entry point to creative tech.

Interested in getting involved?

Join our Discord, shop our clothes, tune into our programming, and drop us a line for collaborations bridging tech, hustle and culture!

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