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THC Spotlight on Tyspectives: Bringing Dance and Movement to the Blockchain

THC Spotlights is shining a light on creative technologists who are helping to solve problems in their community and doing it with maximum impact. This week we're shining a light on Tyspectives, an artist who is carving a space for dancers and the divine feminine on the blockchain!

web 3 artist bringing movement and dance to the blockchain
Tyspectives aka Crux

Not too many are celebrating dance, movement and wellness on the blockchain like Crux aka Tyspectives is. To have foresight beyond what others can see and to push boundaries beyond societal norms is the encompassing energy Crux aka Tyspectives brings to the blockchain with her moveMINT revolution and dance NFTs. Crux, "a radical creatrix teasing the boundaries of dance and music," sat down with us to talk about her journey into the Web 3 landscape and why it's a goal of hers to bring movement to the blockchain.

What inspires you?! The constant battle with the darkness, owning up to my past and owning up to my traumas; approaching them with the perspective that I will alchemize them into something beautiful because without it I cannot get to the light.

When did you realize movement and dance was the medium you wanted to harness and cultivate?!

Started cheerleading at 5 years old, did that for 3 years and then my mom signed me up for dance classes. Had to make a decision when I got a little older because both were time consuming, and I chose dance! Dance and movement allowed me to express myself beyond words, it was a form of expression that went beyond the scope of language

Entry point into web 3?!

My partner Stonez the Organic introduced me to the space in April 2021 and I immersed myself in learning by going on Clubhouse, and eventually Twitter Spaces, and listening. I really wanted to learn first before I participated. I then released my 1st NFT project in September of ‘21.

How do you balance being an entrepreneur and an artist?!

Aligning my schedule with the universal energy is really important to me. Certain days emit certain energies and I try to tap into those frequencies. For example, Wednesday is ruled by Mercury; Mercury analyzes, discerns and communicates. So I try to do most of my communications (i.e. calls) on this day. I intentionally craft out my day to align with the energy that that day is permeating.

How important is empathy to you?

If your relationship with your ego is unhealthy, you will not have the ability to empathize with anything. Empathy allows us to connect to other people despite our differences. It allows us to connect on the very basic level of humanness. That's connection that I like to engage with.

What are you trying to communicate through your artistry?

I have a BFA in Dance from Temple University and I like to explore the things that we relate to on the most human level such as life, death, birth, growth, etc. and express that through movement.

What's next or upcoming for you?

I'm curating the first dance showcase and art gallery at NFT NYC on June 24th. Really really excited about this. More details and announcements to be revealed as we get closer to the date.

Be sure to follow Tyspectives to keep up with all of her latest drops and innovations in Web 3 and in real life!

Written by Brittany Wallace

Edited by Naomi Arroyo



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