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Oh s#*t we started a blog... 😯

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Time and time again we've found ourselves asking tough questions... "What is the meaning of life?", "Where do we go after we die?", "What the f#*k is the Instagram algorithm?" 🤔

All these questions naturally require more space to flesh out than a tweet, instagram caption, or even a segment in our newsletter could fit alone...


And honestly, we're pretty excited. We will use this space to write out more long form pieces, share some of the work created by members of our community, and spread more amazing content on all things technology, hustle, and culture.

Any of our members will be able to contribute to the blog and choose the layout that’s right for their content. We're hoping that having this space will allow us to easily share posts on our social networks, as well as in our newsletter and elsewhere so that folks can discover the work of other members in our creative community.

We'll have some new media coming your way soon:

We've been cooking up some dope new pieces:

  • Featured Interviews from our #CreativityCantBeQuarantined campaign 🎨

  • New videos and music dropped from our artist homies around the 🌍

  • Educational content and resources from our community dialogues 🔌

If you're interested in getting involved with the blog shoot Cam or Naomi a message in Slack and they'll help you get set up as a writer on the site!

A message from the Lab with <3



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