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Iddris Sandu, Nipsey's Marathon Store, and building brighter futures

THC Spotlight

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Image of creative technologist Iddris Sandu
Image of Iddris Sandu from his Instagram:

“All designers do is just add nines. It’s a nine game I’m telling you, it’s like 99.9999% more efficient.”

The 9 Game, a game of refinement, is the game digital architect and futurist Iddris Sandu says most designers like himself play. The rules of the game require consistent reassessment of efficiency & the goal of play is to create new structures & models.

Only 23 years young, Ghanaian Born and Los Angeles raised, Sandu is excited about diversity in technology and building new realities for a world of the furture. Sandu has been working with the world’s biggest companies since the age of 13, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Adidas, and Nike.

As a designer who genuinely wants to shift the world in a better way, the visual innovator aims to cut excess and build tech enabled sustainability solutions. Working alongside Hip Hop titans like Nipsey Hussle and Kanye West, Sandu is integrating culture and merging it with technology in a number of dope and creative ways.

In 2017, Sandu opened up the Marathon Store in collaboration with Nipsey Hussle as the world’s first “smart store” in which shoppers could unlock AR (augmented reality) experiences and access exclusives by interacting with objects in the store. Sandu has also introduced the artist formerly known as Kanye West to spatial mapping, quantum computing and how these innovative technologies can influence and inform the music industry.

Sandu’s latest venture involves Jay Z and Marcy Venture Partners investing in his tech hub incubator sLABS. Sandu’s venture capital studio, spatial LABS (sLABS) will debut with the launch of it’s premiere endeavor called LNQ: an innovative, state of the art blockchain platform aiming to make the metaverse more accessible and provide creators with decentralized tools to engage with their communities through LNQ’s proprietary technology.

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Written by Brittany Wallace

Edited by Naomi Arroyo



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